June 13

The husband and I predicted a liberal minority, so the actual result proved a bit unexpected. While I don’t quite trust the liberals, I’m willing to see what they can do with this newish leader and a majority mandate. Better than the corporate tax cuts guy anyway, because everyone pretty much gets it that trickle down economics never ever trickle down (mostly because if there’s no increased demand for product from consumers, there’s no demand for more jobs to make those products).

That said, there are other things about this election result that make me feel proud. Namely, that we are the first province/state in North America to democratically elect a gay, female leader. I love that this is the place/time/world that Tiny Human will be born into. Unlike myself, who had to wait until I was 17 years old to see a woman brought in as an unelected interim leader (Kim Campbell, 19th Prime Minister of Canada), Tiny Human will be born into a society where a woman (and one with a same-sex spouse, no less) has won a powerful office in this country. She’ll grow up knowing it’s entirely possible, because it’s already been done. And that’s kind of amazing to think about. It really drives home the fact that, in many ways, the world really will be a different place for her. A more inclusive place.

So, while my feelings are mixed overall, I can’t help but rejoice a little. These steps forward in equality are pretty monumental ones.