October 11

Articles about Developmental Coordination Disorder/Dyspraxia…

Doctor Who: How the dyspraxic assistant became my hero
Similar to the previous article, Tom Gerken looks at the show from the perspective of seeing his disability represented in pop culture for the first time.

‘Doctor Who’ Season 11 Is Revolutionary, and Not Just Because a Woman’s In Charge
Jenny Hollander looks at the show from the perspective of seeing her disability represented on TV for the first time. (This was an equally big deal for us as parents, who get endless blank stares when people ask us what’s wrong with our daughter and we tell them DCD. Representation in pop culture is SO important for awareness.)

What is dyspraxia? Doctor Who companion Ryan’s condition explained
With interviews with experts from the Dyspraxia Foundation and the British Dyslexia Association.

Dyspraxia is a common disorder in kids but a lot of doctors don’t diagnose it (Jan 2, 2018)
 looks at the state of DCD diagnosis and services in Canada. (This article is one of the first I came across after our daughter’s diagnosis and gave me the first hints of the uphill awareness battle we would be facing.)

Famous People with Dyspraxia
A list of entertainers, artists and scientists with DCD, courtesy of dyspraxiakids.com.